Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beauty Break

I love sharing our adventures and stories of cold beer and fun nights- but today I wanted to post about something a little different.

I am a beauty product junkie- I love all things beauty and have been working for years to find the fountain of youth. I have bought cream after cream, got a steamer for my face, scotch tape on the forehead- you name it- I've tried it. And some things I still do, others not so much.

I have been solely focusing on wrinkles- that is what ages us the most, right?

A few months ago, my husband and our friends were playing, Loaded Questions. Its a great way to get to know people- one person reads a question, the others write down the answers, and the person who read the question has to guess who said what. It's seriously funny. One question was what is the first thing you notice about a person- male and female- both of our guys answered, "hair". I was really surprised by this- that's probably the part of me I spend the least amount of time on...or so I did :)

So, that brings me to a few weeks ago and I was reading an article- things you can do to make yourself look younger- and before wrinkles were white and bright teeth and shiny hair. Well, of course! So obvious! Those both represent youth, are a little easier to control, and just as important as skin.

So, I have been off- trying some new products that have actually been around for centuries and I wanted to share. Mind you, they both stink. Seriously.

First for the teeth. Peelu. I know, Zoom whitening, strips, Colgate- there are TONS of whiteners out there- this one is legit!

Above is a little bit about it. However, in a nut shell- it has been around since the middle of the millennial, Peelu is a tree, and it still exists in the Middle East. This has no additives or abrasives.

BUYER BEWARE- its terrible. John says it tastes like dirt. Nope, dirt is better. This stuff almost makes me gag sometimes- but as a diet coke and red wine (yes, I like wine too) loving fool, I thought it was worth the pain. And believe you, me, its the real deal. Whiter, brighter teeth after a few uses. I bought mine online at amazon for $7.00

Yes, a lot for toothpaste, but not a lot for a bright, white smile.

Next, hair. A few years ago, John asked to see my "natural" hair color. So, I dyed it brown, and spent a year growing it out so we could see it. After that long of a commitment- I decided to donate it and grew it long enough for locks for love. It was a L-O-N-G road, but in the end- worthwhile. So, during that process- I learned a lot about hair and how to keep it shiny and healthy. The first thing was not to wash it every day. It was tough to convert to every other day- but giving my natural oils a day to rejuvenate my scalp made it worth it. So, every other day I wash it, the other day I douse it in baby powder. (I've tried soooo many leave-in conditioners and none them work as well as the baby powder)

Then I learned about not conditioning all of the hair. Its important to ONLY condition the ends of the hair- the part that is the most damaged. The rest of the hair is healthy and conditioning it will strip it. This is really worked wonders. Try it, you will love what you see after a few weeks.

However, my most recent discovery has been an oil. Amla oil. This beauty secret has been used by Indian women for more than two thousand years.  ( And they have gorgeous, shiny hair that I am super jealous of!)

So, you put a little bit in your hands and rub it into your scalp a few times a week. Get a good, expensive brush and brush it all over the scalp and then sleep with the oil on. Brushing the oil stimulates the scalp- which increases blood flow and encourages your hair to grow thick, full, and healthy. Who knew your scalp had blood flow- I mean it makes sense- just never thought of it.

Again, BUYER BEWARE. Stinky.

Trust me, as a person who possibly has 10 different scents on a day from soaps, to perfume, moisturizer, lotions, - its hard for me to put something stinky on. But, for the good of the cause, the fountain of youth, and luscious locks- I did it. And my hair shines bright like a diamond. And I love diamonds.

Again, I got this at Amazon, maybe 30 dollars?

OK, enough beauty for today, I think its time for a cold beer.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Lovin

There's a point in one's marriage that you realize how you really do- become one.

John's been traveling a lot the past few weeks and I've taken these days to do what girls love to do when they have some alone time. I watched romantic comedies, painted my nails, went shopping, worked out, obsessed over facebook sale sites, bought a few things on those sites, sold a few things on those sites, took about 10 baths, did a mask, ate standing up over the sink- tortillas, ate no complete meals, cleaned out a closet, did some laundry, made bread.

All that maybe lasted up to 5 hours.... HOW did that used to last ALL of my free time??!?!!?!?

The rest of the time, I have been texting John, reading the sports page, watching basketball, looking for golf wreaths, clipping recipes to make together, and saving all the fun things that I want to do until he gets home....

Yep, I've got some good lovin! And luckily we both like cold beer! :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sleepless nights

Sometimes I wonder how I sleep at night....

I know, I know. This blog is supposed to be about happy, fun trips and experiences drinking cold beer- but once again, I use it as a place to share life.

Many moons ago one of my lifelong friends invited me to a girls night in. I, a wine loving and friendship loving fool, checked "yes" and joined this great group of girls. We laughed. We loved. We shared.

One of the girls shared news of her little cousins cancer and asked us to help. She was only 2 years old and needed toys, warmth, and love- however we could give it.

I remember feeling empty with my heart on the floor as I headed to Target to pick out presents for her. Every gift I picked lifted my spirits as I imagined her snuggling under her purple blanket and playing with her favorite toys. I prayed and prayed for this little girl. I was invested- emotionally.

And then the NEWS came!!! It was literally like the motion pictures for me! Hooray! Cheers! People in the streets celebrating!!! Cancer FREE!!!!

I questioned after the announcement whether or not I should still follow the little girl on Facebook. She was, after all, cured. But, I really enjoyed seeing her first ponytail after her hair grew, and watching her play in the snow. I loved seeing her being a normal kid, having a normal life.

 The words I read today, driving, yes driving....sorry....left me dead in my tracks. I actually pulled over. This little love who has fought a battle against cancer, come free, and back to being a toddler, is once again infected with it. It's her brain, and in her blood.

My mom says, "Where there is life, there is Hope"

I hope, I pray, I beg the Lord to save this little girl- and I ask you to read her story, and hope, pray and beg-

Miracles happen every day-

Yours truly,

An open heart and a cold beer

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Behind every successful a fabulous handbag

This is a quote I live by. Don't most girls?

Shoes and and purses...and I guess Bud Light fits in there somewhere. It always having a cold one ready for my husband after I come home with NEW shoes and purses...

A few months ago, the bridesmaids and closest friends of my sisters ventured to Greune, Texas to float the river. That was what she wanted to do for her bachlorette party and we had a fabulous time! Low key, live music, and cold beer- what more could a girl ask for? Well, besides shoes and purses....

I was coveting over a fabulous bag, my sister's friend Tess was carrying. Turns out they make them. Turns out by hand. Each. One. By. Hand. See, Tess and her family manage 2 different ranches in Colorado. Their story is here. Zapata Ranch.

Her husband had the idea to create the Mercantile business - bringing the beautiful bison and leather from the land into our homes.

Now this was something that got my attention. I happen to love custom too. Shoes, purses. bud light, and custom made. Simple girl, right?

All the girls wanted the whole story and were mesmerized by it- the way the Ranchlands Mercantile came about, the love they put into each piece, and they business behind it all. A real, life ranch story. It's pretty cool. The motto this family lives by is

" Working together to live with the land"

Tess and her family are amazing- all working together as a team to keep the Colorado Ranch moving at all times. Whether its entertaining guests who want the real, ranch experience, herding cattle, or making leather goods by hand, they do it all.

When I saw the bag I knew I had to have it- its gorgeous, durable, practical, authentic, custom made, and has that fresh leather smell.

John concurred.

This was something I had to have.

I waited 6 weeks for my custom bag- something that was not easy for this impatient girl. But the wait was worth it.

They say that a bag speaks about the person- and this bag says that I like the finer things- but love the custom ones, that I like a brand- but love an experience, and that I like a bag- but love the way a bag makes me feel. And this one takes the cake.
My bag...isn't it pretty?

What's inside your bag? Mines pretty boring. Love those Pockets!!

Bison Beer Koozie??!? What!?! I need this!

Gorgeous Ipad case...Christmas presents anyone?

Another view of this gorgeous tote

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Warm beer and an open heart

Warm beer. I hate those words...but where I stand now feels like a warm beer...sitting, waiting for it to get cold, and wishing it would be sooner.

A blog...what is a blog? A story? A journal? Recipes? Advice?

It started as a hunt for cold beer....that will never end- but grew to a place where I could talk about our travels and life experiences- always keeping it light and fun.

I love and adore my husband. He's the best ever and most importantly- the best for me. We have been married 5 years. Woohoo! And it flew by. I love our marriage and I love our life. But something has been missing for quite some time. A. Long. Time.

A family. A unit. A dream I have had my whole life. A child.

I have dreamed of all of the ways I would share the news with family and friends- through the blog, through champagne, a name, a picture. I have dreamed these dreams a million times.

And I will keep dreaming. We are moving forward exploring ourselves and learning our chances of a family that we can create naturally. I dream of being pregnant, carrying a child, and experiencing the miracle of life. But we welcome learning about another culture and being moved beyond belief.

I wish everyone who has ever asked, "when", "why" "who" and "what" remembers these words... We are waiting, dreaming, and hoping for a little miracle to complete our family- and we aren't in charge. But we want it. And we wait. And we hope. And we dream. And we pray. And we share.

And of course, we drink cold beer.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bud Light Discount

Let me start this post by saying I NEVER thought I would write these words...

Bud. Light. Discount.

That just seems silly. But, it happened. For all those haters out there who make fun of a bud light drinkin girl, it finally happened. I got a discount.

This year my whole family went to Steamboat to go skiing. This marks the 5th year in a row John and I have gone and we decided that we are serious about the commitment to go every year. So, that led to me finally buying my own ski boots. (Of course, John got his skis and boots years ago- but I waited it out). Since we went in March, towards the end of the ski season, all the boots were on sale- still pricey though.

The worst thing about buying the boots- isn't the cost- its the time. It takes a while to get the right boot- and its super important for safety and comfort.

***Its really like buying jeans. I HATE buying jeans***

So, in my discussions with the "boot guy", I shared with him how all I wanted to be doing my first day in Steamboat was have a beer and look at the mountain- not sit in a ski shop and try and walk and sit and walk and try again. That led to a discussion, and a free beer from the ski shop fridge, about our favorite beer.

"Boot guy" has some great taste- his favorite beer- you guessed it. Bud Light.

So, when we went to the register to close the sale, he told the guy at the counter the sale price, stopped for a minute, and said,

"Take another $20.00 off. Its the Bud Light Discount."

And there you have it, saving money left and right- just by drinking Bud Light.