Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bud Light Discount

Let me start this post by saying I NEVER thought I would write these words...

Bud. Light. Discount.

That just seems silly. But, it happened. For all those haters out there who make fun of a bud light drinkin girl, it finally happened. I got a discount.

This year my whole family went to Steamboat to go skiing. This marks the 5th year in a row John and I have gone and we decided that we are serious about the commitment to go every year. So, that led to me finally buying my own ski boots. (Of course, John got his skis and boots years ago- but I waited it out). Since we went in March, towards the end of the ski season, all the boots were on sale- still pricey though.

The worst thing about buying the boots- isn't the cost- its the time. It takes a while to get the right boot- and its super important for safety and comfort.

***Its really like buying jeans. I HATE buying jeans***

So, in my discussions with the "boot guy", I shared with him how all I wanted to be doing my first day in Steamboat was have a beer and look at the mountain- not sit in a ski shop and try and walk and sit and walk and try again. That led to a discussion, and a free beer from the ski shop fridge, about our favorite beer.

"Boot guy" has some great taste- his favorite beer- you guessed it. Bud Light.

So, when we went to the register to close the sale, he told the guy at the counter the sale price, stopped for a minute, and said,

"Take another $20.00 off. Its the Bud Light Discount."

And there you have it, saving money left and right- just by drinking Bud Light.

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