Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Warm beer and an open heart

Warm beer. I hate those words...but where I stand now feels like a warm beer...sitting, waiting for it to get cold, and wishing it would be sooner.

A blog...what is a blog? A story? A journal? Recipes? Advice?

It started as a hunt for cold beer....that will never end- but grew to a place where I could talk about our travels and life experiences- always keeping it light and fun.

I love and adore my husband. He's the best ever and most importantly- the best for me. We have been married 5 years. Woohoo! And it flew by. I love our marriage and I love our life. But something has been missing for quite some time. A. Long. Time.

A family. A unit. A dream I have had my whole life. A child.

I have dreamed of all of the ways I would share the news with family and friends- through the blog, through champagne, a name, a picture. I have dreamed these dreams a million times.

And I will keep dreaming. We are moving forward exploring ourselves and learning our chances of a family that we can create naturally. I dream of being pregnant, carrying a child, and experiencing the miracle of life. But we welcome learning about another culture and being moved beyond belief.

I wish everyone who has ever asked, "when", "why" "who" and "what" remembers these words... We are waiting, dreaming, and hoping for a little miracle to complete our family- and we aren't in charge. But we want it. And we wait. And we hope. And we dream. And we pray. And we share.

And of course, we drink cold beer.

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